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This project is the manufacturing building Plaxil 8 by Studio Valle Architetti Associati, designed by Pietro Valle together with architect Roland Henning...

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Chalet La petite soeur by ACDF Architecture

The owners, a dynamic stepfamily, commissioned ACDF to design for their many children a larger area to play and relax...

Sun, 20 May 2018 13:01:17 -0400 http://88designbox.com/home-design/chalet-la-petite-soeur-by-acdf-architecture-2194.html http://88designbox.com/home-design/chalet-la-petite-soeur-by-acdf-architecture-2194.html
Chonburi Sila House by Anghin Architecture

Chonburi Sila House is located in an industrial city of Chonburi just right on a couple of highways connecting most of the country’s factories to the country’s capital

Sun, 20 May 2018 12:40:13 -0400 http://88designbox.com/home-design/chonburi-sila-house-by-anghin-architecture-2193.html http://88designbox.com/home-design/chonburi-sila-house-by-anghin-architecture-2193.html
Tirana Pyramid by MVRDV

MVRDV revealed initial design for Tirana Pyramid in the presence of Prime Minister Edi Rama, Mayor Erion Veliaj, The Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF)

Fri, 18 May 2018 15:36:46 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/tirana-pyramid-by-mvrdv-2192.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/tirana-pyramid-by-mvrdv-2192.html
Adelaide Contemporary Gallery by Bjarke Ingels Group

The Adelaide Contemporary seeks to reconsider the orthodoxy of how Australian art is curated and experienced through the juxtaposition of art...

Fri, 18 May 2018 14:58:18 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/adelaide-contemporary-gallery-by-bjarke-ingels-group-2191.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/adelaide-contemporary-gallery-by-bjarke-ingels-group-2191.html
The Murray - the newest luxury hotel in Hong Kong by Foster + Partners

The Murray is a luxury 336-room hotel located on the southern edge of Central with panoramic views of The Peak and the gardens to the south

Fri, 18 May 2018 14:28:44 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/the-murray-the-newest-luxury-hotel-in-hong-kong-by-foster-partners-2190.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/the-murray-the-newest-luxury-hotel-in-hong-kong-by-foster-partners-2190.html
Stand Sauleda in Stuttgart by Dom Arquitectura

Sauleda, is a century-old company, specialized in all types of fabrics and awnings. They proposed us the challenge of designing a special stand for their annual fair

Fri, 18 May 2018 13:34:22 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/stand-sauleda-in-stuttgart-by-dom-arquitectura-2189.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/stand-sauleda-in-stuttgart-by-dom-arquitectura-2189.html
Cinquanta4 Charme Apartment by Studio Raro

Designed by Studio Raro. The project foresees the renovation of a holiday apartment in the historic city centre of Trento

Fri, 18 May 2018 07:24:30 -0400 http://88designbox.com/home-design/cinquanta4-charme-apartment-by-studio-raro-2188.html http://88designbox.com/home-design/cinquanta4-charme-apartment-by-studio-raro-2188.html
Bjarke Ingels Group designs tiny house for Klein

Klein's tiny houses, built with the highest standard of craftsmanship and designed by the world’s leading architects, launch with BIG’s first and smallest-scale

Fri, 18 May 2018 07:00:39 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/bjarke-ingels-group-designs-tiny-house-for-klein-2187.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/bjarke-ingels-group-designs-tiny-house-for-klein-2187.html
Renier Chalon by MAMOUT architectes and AUXAU

The project highlights the heritage of this typical Brussels Maison de Maître while radically changing the way of living in the house

Thu, 17 May 2018 14:02:33 -0400 http://88designbox.com/home-design/renier-chalon-by-mamout-architectes-and-auxau-2186.html http://88designbox.com/home-design/renier-chalon-by-mamout-architectes-and-auxau-2186.html
Taiwan National Archive by mecanoo

Timeless architecture is the philosophy of Mecanoo & MAYU’s design for the National Taiwanese Archive: a building that hosts the memory and the collective identity

Thu, 17 May 2018 12:00:54 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/taiwan-national-archive-by-mecanoo-2185.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/taiwan-national-archive-by-mecanoo-2185.html
Malababa Flagship Store by Matteo Ferrari Studio

Spanish accessories brand Malababa is opening up a new space in Madrid’s Serrano 8, where its structure symbolizes and reproduces the firm’s identity features

Thu, 17 May 2018 10:43:46 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/malababa-flagship-store-by-matteo-ferrari-studio-2184.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/malababa-flagship-store-by-matteo-ferrari-studio-2184.html
Sturlasgade Apartment Copenhagen by JAC studios

JAC studios have designed a striking renovation of a 200m2 apartment in a former factory complex in the neighbourhood of Islandsbrygge in Copenhagen

Thu, 17 May 2018 08:21:15 -0400 http://88designbox.com/home-design/sturlasgade-apartment-copenhagen-by-jac-studios-2183.html http://88designbox.com/home-design/sturlasgade-apartment-copenhagen-by-jac-studios-2183.html
Museum at the Gateway Arch opening date announced

Supported by the Gateway Arch Park Foundation and National Park Service, Cooper Robertson and James Carpenter Design Associates with Trivers Associates...

Thu, 17 May 2018 08:01:13 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/museum-at-the-gateway-arch-opening-date-announced-2182.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/museum-at-the-gateway-arch-opening-date-announced-2182.html
Agostina Gennaro designs a bar in the city of Cruz del Eje

On a corner across one of the main squares in the city of Cruz del Eje, we had to design and build a space, which along with its morphology, materiality and internal layout

Thu, 17 May 2018 07:28:05 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/agostina-gennaro-designs-a-bar-in-the-city-of-cruz-del-eje-2181.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/agostina-gennaro-designs-a-bar-in-the-city-of-cruz-del-eje-2181.html
Karneadou Apartment by Lantavos Projects

The apartment occupies the overall available space on 5th floor. The building, built in the mid-60s’, is located in a walking distance to both Kolonaki and Syntagma squares

Thu, 17 May 2018 06:49:56 -0400 http://88designbox.com/home-design/karneadou-apartment-by-lantavos-projects-2180.html http://88designbox.com/home-design/karneadou-apartment-by-lantavos-projects-2180.html
Kyneton Primary School by Gray Puksand

Carefully managed by Gray Puksand. The new-build Kyneton Primary School relocates students and staff from the existing bluestone buildings on Baynton Street

Wed, 16 May 2018 04:17:57 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/kyneton-primary-school-by-gray-puksand-2179.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/kyneton-primary-school-by-gray-puksand-2179.html
Watershed by Grimshaw

Grimshaw has transformed the Meat Market in North Melbourne into a giant installation that literally wraps around the events at the hub for Melbourne Knowledge Week

Wed, 16 May 2018 03:33:40 -0400 http://88designbox.com/architecture/watershed-by-grimshaw-2178.html http://88designbox.com/architecture/watershed-by-grimshaw-2178.html