Pininfarina re-designs a seventeenth-century complex in Cremona

From the architect: Fondazione Stauffer, one of the main Italian private institutions for the promotion of musical culture, activates a strategic partnership with Pininfarina Architecture for the design of the interiors and the fittings of the external areas of the new headquarters of Palazzo Stauffer (formerly Palazzo Stradiotti), a seventeenth-century complex in the heart of the historic center of Cremona. The building, subject of a recent conservative restoration, is home to the Stauffer Center for Strings: the first international music center entirely dedicated to stringed instruments. The structure, which houses the prestigious Accademia Stauffer, includes a concert hall, classrooms, a cafeteria and a guesthouse organized around a large garden. The project gives the city an ideal place for the training and growth of young national and international talents.

Icon of Italian style in the world, Pininfarina Architecture aims to develop innovative design projects, combining architecture and urban planning with the use of cutting-edge technologies. With the desire to reconcile beauty, technology and impact, Pininfarina Architecture intends to respect the stylistic peculiarities of Palazzo Stauffer, reinterpreting them to breathe new life into the complex, bringing it into a contemporary dimension.

Pininfarina re-designs a seventeenth-century complex in Cremona

The design choices combine functional needs with an aesthetic dimension, which recalls the world of stringed and bowed instruments, to define a new visual identity that tangibly represents the vision and values of the Stauffer Center, while ensuring the highest levels of comfort and perceived well-being. Through an articulated spatial gradient, the project gives shape to spaces capable of welcoming and hosting cultural, educational, recreational activities, responding to the needs of interaction, socialization and exchange of young and extraordinary talents that make the Stauffer Center an excellence in the national and international panorama of higher musical education.

"Palazzo Stauffer represents an opportunity to rethink and enhance the historical heritage through artistic-cultural initiatives that encourage the dissemination of knowledge in the community" states Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group, "using architecture and design as active tools for the generation of impact and social innovation."

"Excellence, internationality, innovation and sustainability: these are the guiding principles on which we founded the Stauffer Center" says Paolo Petrocelli, General Manager of the nascent center and of the Stauffer Academy. "From the great tradition of the Italian music school, of which the Accademia Stauffer is the guardian, a unique cultural project comes to life, open to the world, in connection with the present and projected into the future, designed to gather the best energies on Cremona, skills and professionalism of the world music community, in support of the younger generations. Strengthened by our history and our identity, we want to promote a new, increasingly participatory and inclusive artistic vision. We are convinced, in fact, that today an institution for higher musical education should not only prepare and support the artists of tomorrow, but also have the duty to contribute positively to the construction of a better society ".

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Pininfarina re-designs a seventeenth-century complex in Cremona

Pininfarina contributes to give new life to Palazzo Stradiotti: The new home of the Walter Stauffer Accedemia of Music...

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