Tonkin Liu have won a £1m competition to design a new courtyard for the prestigious Lansdowne Club in Mayfair, London.

The competition, which was run by consultant Khaa, set out to deliver a new flexible space within the historic club complex featuring a ‘light airy environment’ for its users.

Chosen ahead of submissions from De Matos Ryan, Mary Duggan Architects, AY Architects, Jestico + Whiles, and Jan-Paul Coelingh, our scheme is planned to start in January next year. Named Oval Court, it will deliver a light and delicate perforated canopy at the heart of the Robert Adam-designed building nestled in the southwestern corner of Berkeley Square.

Oval Court by Tonkin Liu

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Location: Mayfair, London, UK
Year: 2017

Project's description: The Robert Adam-designed building has been home to the Lansdowne Club since 1935. Oval Court is defined by a light and delicate perforated canopy inspired by Adam’s love of nature and geometry, fulfilling the client's key requirement for maximum openness and flexibility with maximum enclosure of heated internal space.

To achieve this, the design proposal utilises a barrel-vaulted retractable glass roof, giving an open and airy impression even when closed. The delicate canopy structure forms an oculus that creates an eye to the sky, under which a free plan can flexibly accommodate a range of functions.

Oval Court by Tonkin Liu

The canopy itself is fabricated from 3mm thin perforated aluminium sheets, laser-cut and welded together to form an ultra-lightweight ceiling structure. It serves a number of functions including modulating light and sound, establishing visual and acoustic privacy for the rooms above, integrating lighting, and screening the structure and mechanics of the retractable roof.

Inspired by Adam, the ceiling is also an artwork, a wonder of modern digital design and fabrication techniques, where structure, ornament and function become one.

Oval Court by Tonkin Liu

The canopy is a ‘Shell Lace Structure’. It is derived from a biomimetic technique invented by Tonkin Liu and developed in collaboration with Arup over eight years of practice-based research. The advanced geometry of the curving and corrugated shell form is incredibly strong, digitally modelled iteratively to ensure each curving piece is optimised in strength and can be formed from flat sheets.

Structural analysis and generative scripting is used to determine the perforation of the sheets with a pattern that responds locally to the stresses in each individual piece, enabling reductions in weight and load for maximum efficiency. This technique has been deployed on the Solar Gate sculpture in Hull (completed in 2017), and on the 40m tall Tower of Light in Manchester, which commences construction in 2018.

Oval Court by Tonkin Liu

Like Adam we see great innovation and beauty in the structural forms and patterns of nature. The Oval Court can offer another layer to the rich heritage of the building, celebrating the beauty and efficiency of nature, in order to be both in keeping with Adam’s work and responsive to the tools and environmental sensitivities of our time.

Oval Court by Tonkin Liu

Oval Court by Tonkin Liu

Oval Court by Tonkin Liu

Tonkin Liu have won a £1m competition to design a new courtyard for the prestigious Lansdowne Club in Mayfair, London

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